58 | The gap between forgiveness and reconciliation

There’s a big gap between reconciliation and modern ideas of forgiveness. This gap appears at all levels – between individuals, in local groups, and in nations. Modern forgiveness focuses on releasing anger and hurt so we can move on and be at peace. That’s so important! Reconciliation goes even further and seeks a renewal of the relationship after facing the difficulties of acknowledging the harm to the injured persons. Reconciliation is often not possible and that creates a gap. Once you see this gap, you can appreciate what’s missing from forgiveness. Understanding this gap helps you come to terms with what’s missing, accept it so you can have that release in forgiveness, and perhaps consider reaching further for reconciliation. We are called to reconciliation, that’s what’s held out to us in scripture as our model to imitate. It hurts when we can’t have it. As Kingdom people, we want to have a bias toward reconciliation. Reconciliation is more possible than we think because it’s God’s way and desire. 

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