57 | What the heck is forgiveness, anyways?

Forgiveness doesn’t have a simple definition or formula. It’s an act of will that also engages with the heart, which can be enlarged, illuminated, and encouraged but not commanded. Forgiveness has huge personal benefits, like releasing toxic emotions. It also extends into the world with social and political impacts. Forgiveness does not overlook wrongs – instead, it puts a spotlight on them so that what needs forgiveness is known to all and can be grieved. It does not cater to wrongdoers but creates new boundaries to be enforced. Forgiveness is not reconciliation although it’s a step towards it. Forgiveness is part of writing a new story for you in connection with the person or situation that’s being forgiven. Most of all, forgiveness is part of being an active member of the Kingdom of God, which is a kingdom of forgiveness and reconciliation for all. 

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