Practicing law goes way beyond having good legal judgment.

Invest in Dynamic Lawyering™ leadership: it's everything else you need for success and satisfaction 

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When it comes to your legal practice, can you relate to these common struggles?

Themelios Stick Figures__Overwhelmed

Overwhelming demands and heightened stress

You’re being pulled in every direction, but there’s simply not enough of you to go around. The only solution you see is adding more hours to your day, but you already feel tapped out.

Themelios Stick Figures__Conflict

Conflict and dysfunction

Difficult people sap your energy, and you’re not getting the support you need. Everything would be so much easier if you could do your job without drama and opposition.

Themelios Stick Figures__Unsatisfied

No real satisfaction

You started your career excited to make a difference, but what’s next for you? Do you stay in the same role forever? You’re not sure what the next step will be or what direction it takes to get there.

At Themelios Coaching, we get it — because we’ve lived it.

It was great to finish law school and land your first good job. At the time, you felt confident in your legal expertise and motivated to take on any challenge, but as time passed, the demands on your time and energy multiplied, leaving you overwhelmed and trudging through the work.

In addition, the expectations of perfection, the business burdens, demanding clients, colleagues, and partners, are beginning to take a toll.

You’re finding that there’s no time for family, no time for self, no time to develop new business, and no time to waste time.

They don’t train you for this stuff in law school.

Instead, you’re expected to learn on the fly—but self-help books, quick advice, and CLEs won’t move the dial on your complex situations.

We know because we spent 20 years trying to move that dial, with varying degrees of success. Only after trial and error did we piece together the crucial elements that led to real results and real change—and now it’s our mission to share them with YOU.

We've designed the Dynamic Lawyering™ Leadership Program, a 1:1 coaching process  guiding you to mastery in 4 key areas of leadership:  Action, Opportunity, Motivation, and Change.

ACTION:        Dynamic Lawyers neither avoid action nor act reflexively.  They follow a four-part Dynamic Lawyering decision model that draws on complete information to make clear choices.

OPPORTUNITY:      Dynamic Lawyers see opportunities, possibilities, and solutions where others can't. With confidence, they capitalize on situations they encounter--good OR bad.

MOTIVATION:     Dynamic Lawyers know how to lead and motivate themselves and others, and create greater success by moving from "have to" to "choose to".

CHANGE:     Dynamic Lawyers are agents of change--they understand that everyone is a leader, and that with targeted effort they can effect positive change in their environments.

It’s time to embrace Dynamic Lawyering Leadership

Here’s how we can work together.

The First Steps

Interested in learning more? We want our clients to feel both comfortable and prepared when they start the coaching relationship. Take a moment to learn more about us and read our blog.

Dynamic Lawyering Crash Course

Read all the books? Think your skills are good enough to get you through? This crash course will uplevel your lawyering in just 90 minutes. After completing an online assessment, you’ll receive a personalized report and a 1-on-1 coaching session to work through the findings.

Dynamic Lawyering Leadership Program

Looking to invest in deeper change? Growing on
our Dynamic Lawyering™ Crash Course is the Leadership Program, an in-depth, individualized approach to coaching you through leadership development and long-term success.