96 | Advent: Find the seven signs of glory in the gospel of John

Happy Advent, my friends. We are getting ready to re-celebrate that first Christmas. Sometimes I get the impression that people think Jesus came to earth so that we could go to heaven. But if you think about salvation history, it runs in the other direction. It’s always God wanting to come and dwell in his creation with his people. God walked in the garden with Adam and Eve. God was present in the desert in the signs during Exodus,  dwelt at the tent of meeting, was present in the Tabernacle, and was present in the temple of Jerusalem. That’s the Shekhinah. That’s the glory of God that the book of Ezekiel describes so dramatically coming in with an overwhelming presence and then tragically leaving. For the first-century Jewish people waiting for the Messiah to return, restoring the glory of God to the temple in Jerusalem was critical. They expected that the Messiah couldn’t be the Jewish Messiah if there was no restoration of the glory of God, the Shekinah, to the Temple of Jerusalem. 

The Gospel of John carefully explains that the glory of God returned to the Temple with the Messiah Jesus. You just have to know that the theme is there so you can see it. Listen to this episode so you can see this theme and why it matters so much.

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