95| Advent; Jesus as temple, a powerful lens for Christmas meaning

There’s a theme that you may not be aware of that runs through the entirety of scripture from the distantly ancient text of Genesis to the merely ancient text of Revelation. You’ve heard of this idea but may not be aware of how it is an organizing principle for understanding Scripture. It’s a theme explicitly present in the ancient books of Genesis and Exodus and throughout the New Testament – it’s one that the writers were very intentional about but one that our modern minds simply bloop over because we don’t have the right lens, or I could say cultural framework. 

We were amazed when this theme popped up in Genesis, it’s the theme of TEMPLE in God’s creation and that’s what we discussed last week in episode 94. A temple is a place where God dwells with man: it’s a place where the heaven and earth that He created overlap. Throughout all of salvation history, as shown in Scripture, God keeps coming to Earth to dwell with man in Creation.  In the Garden, in the desert at the tent of meeting, and in the Tabernacle. 

As we approach Christmas we think about what it means for the temple to be in the person of Jesus. What does that mean to see him as the new temple?

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