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79 | Barbie and you are perfectionists

Barbie, the movie, has something to say about perfectionism. Remember that monologue by Gloria? Gloria was super frustrated with the contradicting and insatiable messages directed to her as a woman that required her to be perfect and to be judged inadequate whenever she fell short. It resonated with many, many women. Perfectionism messages are constantly being directly beamed into you from your environment. Beamed, like Scotty beaming things, OK? That’s just one arena of life. Men and women are getting these messages constantly from all over the place in our culture, which is very competitive, often treats us as commodities, keeps us insecure in our roles, and holds us to what are often unreasonable standards. Join us to discuss “so what,” “what to do,” and “why does it matter, really, really matter”? (hint: yes it really matters)

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