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37 | The Surprising Mind: Working with your elephant, Part II

Your unconscious mind is in charge of creating and executing your habits! Habits include your thoughts and emotions. Brushing your teeth is a habit. So is the way you manage conflict. Your style of talking to yourself is also a habit – what’s your self-talk like? Is it mostly positive? Negative? Some things just “set you off”, right? Those “things” are triggers that cause a habit to kick in. 

Habits of the mind are very powerful. These are typically a huge factor in how much we enjoy life, how effective we are, and whether or not our spiritual values can permeate the “rest of us,” such as our mental and emotional realms. 

The good news is that habits of the mind are behaviors. And they are habits like other habits. Like all habits, habits of the mind have several steps in most situations. Knowing what all the steps are is a good place to start. Knowing the steps, you can start to change one or more of the steps. 

Listen to pick up some tips! 

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