Confidence Energy

124 | Hello, Confidence Energy, great to see ya here!

Confidence energy. When you remove fears that are useless and put some trust into the process (remember that episode?), confidence energy can start to show up. Decide to choose it. It’s about the power you have to create the change – you believe that YOU have the power to create the change. It’s the CRUCIAL difference. It does not look at the problem, it sees opportunities and solutions. It focuses on how YOU are showing up at the moment. Your PERSPECTIVE pans out to see the bigger picture when you have confidence energy. When fears are not your primary counselors, then you will SEE possibilities, and you start to have confidence. Why wouldn’t there be a win there? And I can win there. An inner certainty that YOU can go forward with life, hand-in-hand, and work things out. Big things. Small things. Sure it takes trust in God’s providence and His future for you. It takes HOPE. It’s your job to HOPE and to trust, to seek. Ask for these spiritual gifts and you will receive them. Yes, you can. 

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