123 | Fearlessness to release useless fears and choose from purpose

Fear is natural. It’s a natural emotion. Why, then, do we have this emphasis on fearlessness? There are things that naturally come up in life that are always going to give rise to fear. In those situations, probably what’s needed is courage. Courage to act in the face of feeling fear and doing the right thing. Fearlessness is different and addresses all the rest of the fears we have. Fears that are actually meant to be released and not to be overcome. So courage is feeling your fear and overcoming it.  Fearlessness is releasing the fears that you don’t really need to have and that are not serving you in any way whatsoever and are just the result of the unconscious processes that you’ve adopted over the years. In that case, the goal isn’t courage; it’s getting to a place of fearlessness. Remember what St. Paul tells us. He says that when your love is complete, there is no fear; it’s driven out. Did we mention that releasing that kind of baggage, including but not limited to useless fears, is one of our specialties? Email us if you are curious or book a consult on our website. And this is our goal. This is what God wants for us, is to be people who do not dwell in fear, but dwell in love. 

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