113 | Easter Attitude: Get Hopped Up on Appreciation and Gratitude

Gratitude kicks off a cycle of positivity in your relationships because it engenders the same response from other people. We all need to remind ourselves of the good things we have because our lovely brains have a big negativity bias that will take over unless we actively resist negativity. Easter is a season to embrace new hope, and to look at the world with new eyes of faith. Appreciation and gratitude are wonderful Easter virtues. Gratitude can elude us as we suffer through this present age of creation yet we have received much from God, including our life and eternal joyful life. Gratitude refers to an emotion and an action.We all know that experience of feeling a depth of gratitude for someone or something in our life. It’s also a habit that we cultivate to get our minds focused in the right direction. When your emotions and actions aren’t lining up, you’ve got some fixing up to do. Gratitude acknowledges and appreciates the good and the positive. 

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