112 | Get your Easter heart hoppin’ with Awe and Wonder

You weeded the garden in Lent. Now it’s time to plant some seedlings. Try out something new. Reconnect with your experience of awe to open your heart up to something new. God always has something new for you. Something just for you. You were busy cleaning your house in Lent. Now the Holy Spirit is here and waiting to engage you in new ways. Awe is a universal human experience that catapults us out of the every day into the realm of the extraordinary. It lifts us beyond our me-centric view into a God-centric, and us-centered state of mind. We experience awe when we see others act with extraordinary moral courage, kindness, or service. Or we connect with awe in nature or perhaps great art. Awe brings us to Wonder, which leaves us open with curiosity in God’s universe, alert to opportunities in our life. Easter is the time for new initiatives! To plant new seeds. Let’s get our hearts opened up, directed outwards, sensitive to the eternal and the new. 

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