Mental and Emotional Release™ (MER)

What is MER?

MER is Mental and Emotional Release ™, a proprietary technique to release unresolved negative emotions and limiting beliefs that can lead to or exacerbate stress, depression, anxiety, guilt, rumination, PTSD, phobias, allergies, and chronic physical symptoms. It is a fast, simple, non-traumatic, and long-lasting approach to mental and emotional healing.

Who does MER help?

MER with Themelios Coaching helps anyone in need of mental or emotional healing.


MER is for you if:

  • You feel unresolved guilt, anger, sadness, fear, or hurt from past events that you are unable to release
  • You ruminate on current or past situations and wish you could just let go of them
  • You desire to act on certain things in your life and avoid or get blocked in creating the change you want
  • You find yourself getting ‘triggered’ or responding in an unwarranted way to present situations
  • You feel burdened by heavy emotions like fear, anxiety, or discouragement
  • You can’t move on in your life and you don’t know how to change that
  • You struggle to establish new habits or behaviors and keep falling back into old patterns
  • You’ve resigned yourself to the fact that “this is just the way I am, I don’t like it but I can’t change it”
  • You have a chronic illness, phobias, or allergies; these are often made worse by your thoughts and emotions
  • You are holding onto deep unconscious beliefs that drive your behavior, such as:  I don’t have what it takes, I’m not worthy, I’m stupid

How does MER work?

In a 1:1 MER Breakthrough Session, a certified MER practitioner guides you through a process to identify the root cause of your negative emotions and limiting beliefs, to release the controlling negative emotions and beliefs, and to establish new patterns of behavior to support healing and health. The MER Breakthrough Session lasts approximately 6-8 hours and is followed by four 45-minute implementation sessions.

Why is MER so effective?

MER works directly with the unconscious mind, which is responsible for storing, organizing, and linking together your memories, emotions, perceptions, and behaviors. Because MER is based on how your unconscious mind already processes beliefs, emotions, and memories, it allows you to easily release any emotion or belief that is not currently serving you. MER is fast because it works simultaneously with your conscious and unconscious mind, so it accomplishes what might take weeks, months, or even years of other talk-based therapies.

What clients have to say:

“Before my Breakthrough Session, I described my stress level as a 9 out of 10 due to the severity of my medical situation.  After meeting with Karen, my stress level was 2. I am feeling grounded and have released my anxiety. Thank you, Karen, I am so grateful!”

"I've tried so many different avenues, and this is the single most helpful thing I've ever done."

“The body keeps the score.”

Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk

karen and curtis


Will I need to re-experience difficult past events during MER?

No. During MER, clients are able to remain dissociated from emotional events of the past and release them from a safe and powerful perspective.

Will MER affect or erase my memories?

No.  The MER process uses your memories to release the emotional charge (the “baggage”) that is attached to them.  The memory remains, but when you think of the past event you no longer feel the strong negative emotions that accompanied it.

Who trained you in Mental and Emotional Release ™ ?

Coaches in Themelios Coaching that practice MER were trained and certified by Dr. Matt James at Empowerment, Inc., the foremost school of Neurolinguistic Programming, which has taught thousands of coaches to practice MER since 1993.  The MER process incorporates NLP and Time Line Therapy techniques.