93 | Reframe in life to get a superior angle

Reframing is the art of looking at a situation, thought, or belief and finding a different perspective that is also TRUE and MORE HELPFUL. We often lock in on the first interpretation of a situation that comes to us. But we can usually step back and see there are OTHER things that are also true about a situation and these other things can give us a different approach. A new approach that will focus on our agency or shifting our thoughts and emotions to a condition where we can more easily respond. For example, we might fail at a test or on a project and think “I’m terrible” or “I am no good at this subject or task”. With reframing you might end up saying to yourself “I can learn to study more effectively,” or “I had a difficult lesson and look forward to learning from it and avoiding similar fiascoes in the future.” Contrast a reframe with empty positive talk, avoidance, or just shrugging it off, or just sucking it up. 

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