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83 | Slay the Giant Killer Duty Robot II

How do you know if you have a Giant Killer Duty Robot looking over your shoulder? Dominican Fr. Servais Pinckaers continues to help us see the robot AND tells us what moral theory used to look like before that robot swept down like a terminator from Skynet and displaced the teachings of Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, and the church fathers. It turns out that, if you want to get your ideas about what you are supposed to do (aka morals) you have to START WITH THE RIGHT QUESTION! Yep. It’s true in your life. And it’s true in our life as a community of the faithful. We discuss how it is (moral obligation theory), how it was (the question of happiness), and how to spot that robot in your mirror! 

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The Sources of Christian Ethics, Servais Pinckaers

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