70 | Suffering in the process

When life in the Spirit encounters the world, it doesn’t fit. There’s suffering at the points of collision. Life in the spirit, living in the new creation, being an agent of King Jesus, living the gospel – however you want to talk about living the new reality created by the resurrection – creates pain points because it doesn’t conform to this world. We are not conformed to this world. Instead, with the power of the Spirit, we conform this world to the reality of the new creation in the kingdom of God. That’s a via crucis, a road marked by suffering. Sometimes we get pulled into strange ideas about suffering being the coin of our salvation that we use to earn our way to God’s favor. That’s an idea that misses the point. Instead, keep your eye on the end game, which is participating, through the power of the Spirit, in eternal life in the new creation where the kingdom of God is fully present in the unity of heaven and earth. 

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