49 | Goals: The Art and Science of Setting Goals Part II

Life goals are so important! Without goals, momentum starts to take over your life. You live in reaction mode. Your past controls your future. Your day-to-day life blocks your bigger questions about what your life goals are. 

What are you going to put on the table? Because God is waiting to help you bring your gifts and talents into play. We often want God to simply tell us what to do. At The Catholic Midlife podcast, we believe He is often waiting for YOU to tell HIM something you want to do. What will you offer?

Here are some signs that you might be letting momentum take over your life: You are not setting goals. Your goals are not stretching and changing you. You are not acting like an apprentice in any areas of life; you are comfortable; you lack resilience dealing with obstacles; or you live by checking off your to-do list versus focusing on your goals. 

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