25 | INTERVIEW: Your Most Powerful Question, Dr. John Olesnavage

In life, we often don’t make progress until we ask the RIGHT question. 

That’s why we are so impressed with Dr. John Olesnavage’s approach: finding Your Most Powerful Question. He has written the book Your Most Powerful Question; Finding purpose and meaning in God’s plan. 

It’s the fruit of years of professional work as a Doctor of Psychology, many years’ experience with his own most powerful question, and working with many, many people to help them find their most powerful question. 

If you read the lives of saints, you will see that their lives are driven by powerful questions. Thomas Aquinas asked “What is God?” St. Vincent dePaul asked: “What must be done?” 

John consistently sees that, once a person finds their powerful question, it’s liberating and motivating. It draws them closer to God and to His purposes in their lives. 

He says “If you do what God wants you to do, you’re going to make a difference. That’s a Catholic understanding, period.” 

His book is full of examples of people that found their question. One was “What is legacy?” This question lead the asker to take on a new charity that provides hope and encouragement to at-risk youth: they get extensive training on mountain bikes, participate in a long, tough race, and keep their bikes. There are many more examples. 

God made us free: it is a fact that is inseparable from our human nature. He desires us to be free. To choose freely. To act freely. As John has said, “We may talk about transformation and freedom to be who we really are, but many of us are trapped in our own life story. Real freedom starts with a genuine question we care deeply about and following it to the truth it reveals.” 

The spiritual nature of finding this question is really quite striking. 

We can often think that pleasing God is accomplished in the same way that we please humans in authority. We forget the personal and intimate invitation God has for us: to participate with Him in His creation so that his will is done on earth. He is delighted for us to use the talents He gave us.

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