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120 | The discipline of conscious choice

We often think we are making choices, but really it’s our past, our worries and fears, our habits, our trigger behaviors, or our doubts that are making the choices for us. We are hijacked by our past without us even realizing it. Because when we make choices, we are always filtering them through our past experiences. What we learn from those experiences tends to create what the “facts” are for us. Sometimes in coaching, we call this the YOU-Bag. It’s like a backpacking bag on your back: you can’t see what’s in it but you feel it. Often others can see some things in there that you can’t. We have a pack full of unconscious beliefs that drive our behavior. It’s helpful to bring them up to our full awareness so we can see if these drivers need to be updated or replaced. Learn more about conscious choice and the illusion of choice by listening to this week’s podcast! 

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