117 | When you know what Discipline ACTUALLY is, you know you love it!

Our modern ideas about discipline are deeply impoverished relative to the days of the fathers of the church. When we think of discipline, we think about a general disciplining the troops, the principal dishing out punishment, or the need to persevere to complete a hard task. Yet these are only one part of discipline. Jesus invites us to be his disciples. Disciples are invited to be much more than soldiers following commands or workers pushing through long hours. The bigger meaning of “discipline” still survives in some parts of our language.  For instance, we talk about the scientific disciplines or disciplines of the arts. Mastering a discipline is work, yet it also creates freedom in ourselves because we become free to practice that discipline even as we master it. As the disciple matures, she is able to practice like the master, with increasing joy, confidence, and creativity. Being a disciple is a path to increasing freedom, joy, and confidence. Getting focused solely on the sacrificial aspects of discipleship is to miss out on all the best parts! Listen and join the conversation. 

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