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00 | WHY are these people creating The Catholic Midlife Podcast? And What’s In It? As in, What’s in Midlife? And What’s in the podcast?

We are SO excited to bring you The Catholic Midlife podcast. 

It’s our Episode Zero!  THE inaugural episode. 

What have been some of YOUR episode zero’s?  Those times where you did something for the very first time, and you knew that it marked a new plot thread in your life. It opened up new possibilities. The plot thread might be a minor one, or it might be BIG for you. 

MIDLIFE is a transition, it’s like an EPISODE ZERO that unleashes not just ONE plot twist, but many. 

Midlife impacts us with one transition after another; overlapping, and overflowing. Some are big and some are small. 

The question is: are you engaging the new plot twists, or just white-knuckling through the changes? 

Think about a great book with a great plot line. The plot that the characters experience may be thrilling but It’s the transformations in the characters that are the big takeaways. Hans Solo found a generous heart. Luke Skywalker learned to trust the Force. Anakin Skywalker reached for the light. C-3PO barely learned anything – he was comic relief. 

In this Catholic Midlife podcast episode zero, we share a little bit about WHY we’re doing this, WHY we think it’s important and WHAT you can expect from the podcast – although the truth is: we aren’t sure, exactly. 

We have these external realities that are going on in midlife and, and there’s so many of them, right? We’re getting older. Our parents are aging, our kids are growing up and becoming young adults.

We might be having career transitions. We’re thinking about retirement. We’re moving into a different season in terms of our own time and energy. 

There’s all this going on externally.  

And there’s these really important internal questions, like, am I going to lean in and get that deeper internal transformation? 

Am I going to take stock of my life and let go of the things that aren’t serving me? 

Most of us either decide that we’re finally going to change the old patterns. The ones that have not been serving us. Or we’re going to just say, “Well, I can’t change now.”

We also share one of the key themes of our show: a Spiritual theme. A kind of “invincible plot armor” that sustains us through the twists and turns of life. 

We are looking forward to starting The Catholic Midlife Movement. Let’s spark a renewal in this season, which is so critical for ourselves and our mission. 

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We are Karen and Curtis Herbert, founders of The Catholic Midlife. Our mission is to spark a catholic midlife renewal and help YOU to step into your next season with purpose, hope, and a clear vision for the rest of your life.

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