The Catholic Midlife Podcast

with Curtis and Karen Herbert

The Catholic Midlife Podcast

with Curtis and Karen Herbert

The Catholic Midlife Podcast

with Curtis and Karen Herbert

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Listening to Karen and Curtis speak about the messy middle with its accompanying insecurity. I think of Proverbs 31 and the call to "laugh at the days to come." Finding hope in the unknown future and realizing we are always going to be in an insecure place to some extent until we find our home in Heaven. Thanks for a great podcast!

Thank you!
I am enjoying the kick-off of this podcast and look forward to more. Thank you Karen and Curtis for your wisdom and humor!


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01 | Introducing Catholic Midlifers Karen and Curtis; Who are these people and what’s up with them hosting The Catholic Midlife Podcast?  

What’s up with these people? That’s the question.  Actually, there were a few questions because we took turns asking them of each other.  One of the more interesting ones was: What advice would you give your younger self?  It’s surprising how much you’ve LEARNED since you were 20, or 30, or 40, or “beyond.”  One of the problems in advising your younger self is that, no matter what you tell yourself, you need prudence to apply the advice. There’s the rub!  The kinds of things that you would tell your younger self represent hard-earned WISDOM.  When it comes to getting advice,...
life coaches karen and curtis herbert

00 | WHY are these people creating The Catholic Midlife Podcast? And What’s In It? As in, What’s in Midlife? And What’s in the podcast?

We are SO excited to bring you The Catholic Midlife podcast.  It’s our Episode Zero!  THE inaugural episode.  What have been some of YOUR episode zero’s?  Those times where you did something for the very first time, and you knew that it marked a new plot thread in your life. It opened up new possibilities. The plot thread might be a minor one, or it might be BIG for you.  MIDLIFE is a transition, it’s like an EPISODE ZERO that unleashes not just ONE plot twist, but many.  Midlife impacts us with one transition after another; overlapping, and overflowing. Some...

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