“I had already made the decision to leave my job and start my own consulting firm when I began my work with Karen. Through our partnership, I was able to outline and take the concrete steps necessary to launch my business. Over the course of our twelve sessions, Karen helped me not just outline the tangible steps necessary to start a business, but to address my own fears and doubts so that I was able to begin my business with confidence and a spirit of abundance. I am happy to report that after only six months, my business is thriving and I am booking clients six months out! Working with Karen was a great benefit to me, and I highly recommend her services.”

Colleen from Madison, WI

“It is without any doubt in my mind that I would refer the services of Coach Curtis. He literally changed the course of my life. I didn’t know how to get a raise or at least I thought it was impossible to get a raise up to what I really deserved. After working with me,  he quickly gave me the right mindset. I called a meeting with my boss and doubled my salary! I will be forever grateful to him as my life has significantly improved. Coach Curtis worked on my family dynamic, job, and social dynamics. He can work on any topic you bring to the table. He is creative and really cares about each individual. He really “gets you” and to me that’s what a coach is all about. We broke all the walls I had created from my past, and I am now free to live my best life! Again, thank you.”

Anne from Montreal, Canada

“Karen’s coaching is sensitive, wise, and encouraging. It took 58 years, but I can finally say that I truly like myself. Karen coached me through a values-clarification process that helped me realize that I really like the person that I am inside. This was an unexpected path in our journey of coaching but a relevant and freeing one. Recognizing what makes me tick has increased my happiness and peacefulness as I focus daily choices on my values. When I am not free to make the choices I want, my values work as a safety net to help me respond with grace and personal integrity. It is a win-win.”

Mary from Stillwater, MN

“By leveraging Curtis as my personal coach, I was able to identify and set a personal plan around how I wanted to transition into a new role. He challenged me to look deeper into those areas that held me back and set goals to tackle them. Today I’ve increased my awareness of how I tackle personal challenges thanks to his coaching.”

Roxana from Minnesota

“Working with Karen as my coach over the last several months has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me. With her help I have gained both the confidence and the tools to improve areas of my life such as health, self-discipline, and personal fulfillment. I have been able to make real progress in a project that I have been excited about for a long time but didn’t have the internal discipline and motivation to pursue on my own. Karen’s guidance and support have helped me to make the choices I wanted and to actually follow through on them– for that I am deeply grateful.”

Stacie from St. Paul, MN

“Curtis is an empathetic listener, easy to talk to, direct, and not afraid to ask hard questions. Appreciate his coaching!”

Meg from Minneapolis, MN

“Even in a brief time, Karen has helped me identify my true goals uninhibited by outside expectations. She’s allowed me to uncover what is preventing me from going forward with my dreams and to take tangible steps towards making those dreams a reality. I have peace knowing that I’m taking steps towards my dreams and possibly uncovering new ones!”

Melissa from Blaine, MN