Sparking Midlife Renewal

to embrace true happiness and unlock purpose

Karen V. Herbert

Speaker | Podcast Host | Catholic Coach

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Karen is a deep-diving, truth-telling teacher, speaker, and coach. She combines the best of theology, positive psychology, neuroscience, and practical wisdom to help Catholics embrace true happiness and step into the next season of life with renewed energy and purpose.  Engaging and insightful, Karen brings a fresh perspective to every subject. You will find yourself saying, “I’ve never thought about it that way before!”


The founder and CEO of Themelios Coaching and co-host of The Catholic Midlife Podcast, Karen is passionate about supporting Catholics in healing old wounds, creating new habits, and rewiring their brains to support their spiritual and personal renewal. She is on a mission with her spouse of 22 years, Curtis Herbert, to spark a Catholic Midlife Renewal and guide midlife Catholics into the next purpose-filled, hope-infused season of life. Their family's journey through chronic physical and mental health issues and the challenges of seeking holiness in the modern world created in them a determination to discover the keys to integrating their mental, emotional, and social well-being with their spiritual faith.


Karen has an M.A. in Theology from the University of Notre Dame and certifications in COR.E Energy and COR.E Dynamics Coaching, Positive Neuroplasticity, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming/MER. In addition to coaching and parenting three young adults, Karen loves to quilt, research, and visit the beach.


Interested in booking Karen for a keynote, breakout session, or workshop?

Popular Speaking Topics

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Emotions in the Christian Life:

Why we love them, why we hate them, and how to get them on your side

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Transformed by the Spirit:

Using the power of the brain to renew the mind

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That Your Joy May be Full:

Seeking happiness in a fallen world

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Loving Your Young Adult:

Parenting the 18+ on their road to adulthood

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Midlife Transitions:

Navigating life changes with grit and grace

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The Values-Driven Life:

Identifying values, cultivating strengths, and living with intention (best as a half- or full-day workshop)

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The Judgment Cure:

How to recognize, understand, and overcome judgment

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Overcoming Mom Guilt:

Releasing the past and the future so you can focus on the present

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Unlocking Purpose in the Second Half of Life

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Seeing yourself with the eyes of God

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Radical Listening:

How this one skill will transform your work, relationships, and spiritual life

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The 4 Keys to Love

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Building Habits for the Kingdom:

Why your brain is a habit-making machine and how you can work with it, not against it

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The Power of Hope

“Sensitive, wise, and encouraging!”

“I’ve gained valuable insights and learned why I do the things I do.”

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