The Catholic Midlife Podcast

with Curtis and Karen Herbert

The Catholic Midlife Podcast

with Curtis and Karen Herbert

The Catholic Midlife Podcast

with Curtis and Karen Herbert

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Listening to Karen and Curtis speak about the messy middle with its accompanying insecurity. I think of Proverbs 31 and the call to "laugh at the days to come." Finding hope in the unknown future and realizing we are always going to be in an insecure place to some extent until we find our home in Heaven. Thanks for a great podcast!

Thank you!
I am enjoying the kick-off of this podcast and look forward to more. Thank you Karen and Curtis for your wisdom and humor!

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1-Podcast Quotes and Posts

12 | HAPPINESS: it sets you up for success in everything that you do

We are talking about happiness, striving for happiness, because it's important in everything you do.  Happiness sets us up for success - in spiritual life, and in areas of life including the buckets of Work, Love, and Play.  Create an ethic to choose happiness.  We often consciously prioritize certain activities or areas of life to increase our happiness and flourishing. Perhaps we prioritize relationships or achieving a specific goal. And we don't often step back as a whole and ask: “How am I investing in my overall happiness and wellbeing?”  Seeking happiness is part of this alignment of our mental,...
1-Podcast Quotes and Posts

11 | HAPPINESS: The Pleasant Life, the Good Life, and the Meaningful Life

We’ve been discussing happiness.  Aquinas views the desire for happiness as ingrained in and being inseparable from, our humanity. We want to be with God because we desire happiness. We are made for Him.  There are some schools of thought based on an idea that we should be disinterested in happiness and entirely focused on serving God and others. That’s not how human nature works.  Happiness is sometimes used to refer to just feeling good or pursuing pleasure. We are talking about something broader than that.  Humans are pretty good at giving up short term pleasure in favor of more...
1-Podcast Quotes and Posts

10 | HAPPINESS: You need purpose! Unity in our spiritual, mental, and emotional lives

It is important as spiritual beings, as Christians, and as Catholics to strive for happiness. And we can make a lot of choices for it that are perfectly in alignment with our highest values and everything we believe. Happiness helps us be what God intends.  Happiness is a lot more than feeling good. What it means to thrive as a human being has a lot of elements.  We need a purpose to be happy. Having a sense of purpose is important.  You have spiritual, mental, and emotional components. When they are in congruence, that awesome Catholic and interior spiritual life...
1-Podcast Quotes and Posts

09 | HAPPINESS: Is it safe for Catholics to pursue happiness?? A few misconceptions about happiness

Happiness is important and the desire for happiness is inseparable for the human spirit.  Misconceptions about happiness abound. As Catholics, we are quick to point out that pleasure has its place and there’s more to life - a bigger picture.   Happiness should be part of that picture.  Morality and virtues speak to holiness and happiness. We have often lost sight of this connection, although it has been recognized since the early days of the faith: “One huge fact stands out in the history of morality for the ancients, Christians and pagans alike. The question of happiness was primary as they...
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08 | HOPE: The Lord of the Rings and being in the Kingdom now. A tale of two-stage eschatology in the Easter season of the Resurrection.

EASTER! Jesus certainly put the resurrection FRONT AND CENTER. He inaugurated His kingdom with His resurrection, even as He brought about the restoration of Israel (Episode 7) We Are Citizens of the Kingdom in the Age to Come Promised to Israel We are living in a Kingdom, now, that joins Heaven and Earth under the faithful and wise rulership of Christ our King.  It doesn’t take much awareness to look around and see that there are more than a few things that aren’t going so great on the planet. So we naturally wonder, if Christ is King, how come things...
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07 | HOPE: Jewish hopes in the Old Testament help us SEE our Hope today

The Jewish people in Jesus’ day were looking around, and could see that things did not seem to be going well for the chosen people. There was an understanding that they had broken the covenant and God had distanced Himself. Ezekiel 10 relates the departure of the presence of God from His temple: His glory departed from the east gate.  Ezekiel 43 prophesied the return of the Presence of God: the return of the Glory of the Lord: As the glory of the LORD entered the temple by the gate facing east, the Spirit lifted me up and brought me...

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