The Catholic Midlife Podcast

with Curtis and Karen Herbert

The Catholic Midlife Podcast

with Curtis and Karen Herbert

The Catholic Midlife Podcast

with Curtis and Karen Herbert

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Listening to Karen and Curtis speak about the messy middle with its accompanying insecurity. I think of Proverbs 31 and the call to "laugh at the days to come." Finding hope in the unknown future and realizing we are always going to be in an insecure place to some extent until we find our home in Heaven. Thanks for a great podcast!

Thank you!
I am enjoying the kick-off of this podcast and look forward to more. Thank you Karen and Curtis for your wisdom and humor!

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42| Advent; Jesus as temple, a powerful lens for Christmas meaning

Most of our listeners know that using the covenant “lens” is a powerful organizing principle for reading Scripture. It helps explain what’s happening and creates insights for us today. The Temple “lens” is a similar powerful organizing principle. There are some surprises there, at least for me (Curtis). I knew Jesus referred to himself as a temple but somehow that slid past me because, well, that old Jerusalem temple isn’t around anymore and its role was replaced. Or maybe I heard growing up that “your body is a temple” that shalt not (fill in the blank) and it seemed like...
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41| It’s Advent, So why are we talking about Genesis One?

The creation account in Genesis is not understood by modern people. We’ve pretty much missed every important point in it. We have read all of our modern preconceptions into it, wondered why it makes little sense, and then created pointless controversies about why it is so. Listen to the podcast to grasp what Genesis is actually all about.  God Resting Doesn’t Mean Watching the Superbowl, with snacks  We can look at how the words of Genesis are used in other places in Scripture. We can also look at other creation stories to see what THEY are talking about so we...
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40 | Holding your life together in gratitude

Gratitude has its ins and outs! Karen discusses how gratitude shows up in our lives, points to a couple of pitfalls, and shares some tips. We are grateful for you, our listeners, and invite you to join the discussion at The Catholic Midlife podcast.
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39 | The Surprising Mind: How should you relate to your emotions?

What a great question! How should you relate to your emotions, indeed? We paint a picture for you in this episode, which wraps up our Surprising Mind season. We also share 10 common, erroneous myths about emotions and talk about how we have synergy or overlap with certain healing ministries.  Painting A Picture for relating to your emotions Think of a Catholic man or woman in midlife, which you probably are. And, in this person’s life, her dad passed away several years ago. She’s had some time to grieve and heal.  And today there’s something coming up like a birthday...
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38 | Mental and Emotional Release

We are not OK with it I'm coming to realize that there are people that believe that they don't deserve compassion. As you sit there, you might think that's ridiculous because you know that God made each of us, so of course, we deserve compassion.  But then you start digging down into some specific situations and particular circumstances and you find, if you dig enough, that you believe you don’t deserve compassion in some area of life. Like the time you made a mistake or you acted poorly or went even further astray than that. All of a sudden you...
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37 | The Surprising Mind: Working with your elephant, Part II

Your unconscious mind is in charge of creating and executing your habits! Habits include your thoughts and emotions. Brushing your teeth is a habit. So is the way you manage conflict. Your style of talking to yourself is also a habit - what’s your self-talk like? Is it mostly positive? Negative? Some things just “set you off”, right? Those “things” are triggers that cause a habit to kick in.  Habits of the mind are very powerful. These are typically a huge factor in how much we enjoy life, how effective we are, and whether or not our spiritual values can...

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