Dynamic Lawyering™ Crash Course:
A simple, transformational tool to uplevel your leadership in just 90 minutes

Many of our clients come to us after reading all the “right” books, but still feel as if it made no difference in their lives. They’d absorbed the knowledge, implemented the advice, but things still seem to fall flat.

Others come to us looking for a nudge in the right direction. They believe their leadership skills are “good enough” to get by, but they’re looking for a true transformation.

We’re here to tell you that in just 90-minutes, you can change the course of your personal and professional life by altering how you approach any situation.


When you sign up for the Dynamic Lawyering™ Crash Course, you’ll discover:

  • The real power of so-called “soft skills” —it’s so much more than you may think!
  • 7 leadership perspectives that control outcomes
  • How you experience stress and the number one way to address it
  • 5 hidden conflict strategies and the benefits and drawbacks of each
  • The unexpected link between leadership and satisfaction, performance, influence, and success

You’ll also learn why you feel:

  • ineffective and ignored when trying to create change in your circles of influence
  • unsuccessful at managing conflict
  • as if stress is leeching the joy out of life
  • like you have to force or coerce others to get what you want
  • yourself avoiding conflict, decisions, or situations
  • as though you’ve solved a problem, but it keeps rearing its ugly head
  • stuck, victimized or out of options
  • like you aren’t capitalizing on the opportunities presented to you
  • that you’ve lost the ability to be “in the flow”

And most importantly, you’ll walk away from the Dynamic Lawyering™ Crash Course with your Unique Leadership Profile and information about how it affects everything you do. You’ll then get an individualized coaching session that will walk you through your results and help you process this newfound information.

Here’s how your Dynamic Lawyering™ Crash Course will work:

  • You’ll start with a 15-minute online questionnaire.
  • Then, you’ll receive a 10-page personalized report detailing your Unique Leadership Profile
  • Afterward, you’ll get a 75-minute consult and debrief with a certified practitioner from Themelios Coaching LLC

Are you ready to embrace Dynamic Lawyering™ leadership in your life and career?