The Dynamic Lawyering™ Leadership Program:
A Coaching Experience for Lawyers

A systematic process to create leadership mastery in 10 individualized coaching sessions

Using a proprietary coaching model, a Themelios coach will walk you through the Dynamic Lawyering™ Crash Course. Then, you'll create your Leadership Program action plan and work on targeted leadership development. You’ll walk away with a long-term, individualized success formula so you can master leadership in all areas of your life and work.

There are three steps to the Dynamic Lawyering™ Leadership Program:

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Step One: Deep Dive Assessment

This step begins with a Dynamic Lawyering™ Crash Course in which we’ll determine your  Unique Leadership Profile.

Then, we’ll dig deeper to identify:

  • Why you can’t get the results you want and what specifically is holding you back
  • The external and internal causes of overwhelm, frustration, and dissatisfaction that are unique to you
  • Your individual strengths and gaps in both skills and execution

Plus, you’ll learn the Dynamic Lawyering™ decision model and create your individualized Leadership Program action plan.

Step Two: Targeted Leadership Development

This stage is where things get even more in-depth. You’ll work with your coach to:

  • Deepen your understanding of true leadership—what it is and what it isn’t
  • Unpack the 4 key pillars of an effective leader
  • Systematically evaluate your current strategies for each pillar and highlight what’s already working for you
  • Uncover the hidden patterns and mechanisms that are undermining your strategies
  • Address external obstacles to change
  • And create new habits for high performance in specific leadership skills, such as communication, emotional intelligence, problem-solving, productivity, wellness, balance, and relationships

Step Three: Long-Term Success Formula

But that’s not it! In this final step, you’ll ensure mastery by:

  • Integrating your new habits into a comprehensive and personally effective style of leadership
  • Mapping out a clear success formula to ensure long-term change and continued leadership development
  • Internalizing the foundational principles of change that go beyond any single learned skill or technique

When you commit to the Dynamic Lawyering™ Leadership Program, you’ll be signing up for an adventure that is sure to change your entire life. Are you ready to embrace the following?

The Dynamic Lawyering™ Leadership Program includes:

  • Our Dynamic Lawyering™ Crash Course that provides a 10-page individualized assessment and a 75-minute consult and debrief
  • Nine 50-minute individual coaching sessions
  • Insightful, validating, and judgment-free coaching with accountability, challenge, and a significant growth curve
  • All relevant client materials, including the proprietary Dynamic Lawyering™ and CORE Energy Coaching™ materials
  • A Custom Client portal with targeted content, videos, and assignments

Schedule a client exploration call to see if now is the time for you!