27 | The number one enemy of spiritual life

HOPE is a theme of our podcast. HOPE. We keep coming back to it. Because we need a LOT of it. We need a lot of it because life is either challenging us, or even kicking us when we are down, and because we are leaning into new challenges that S-T-R-E-T-C-H us. Life is short…

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25 | INTERVIEW: Your Most Powerful Question, Dr. John Olesnavage


In life, we often don’t make progress until we ask the RIGHT question.  That’s why we are so impressed with Dr. John Olesnavage’s approach: finding Your Most Powerful Question. He has written the book Your Most Powerful Question; Finding purpose and meaning in God’s plan.  It’s the fruit of years of professional work as a Doctor…

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23 | Finding Meaning and Purpose: Retirement and Midlife


Meaning and purpose are big themes in transition.  Transitions like RETIREMENT, EMPTY NEST, or other WAKE-UP call you might have.  Where’s the excitement, meaning, purpose, discomfort, and discernment kicking in?  Where’s the expediency, fear, super cautious, or momentum kicking in?  We had a season on TRANSITIONS, starting at episode 2. John Paul II, in Christifideles…

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